Whats Included?

Everything a small business needs including domain registration, a business email address, website hosting, basic logo design, colour business cards, WordPress website design, matching Facebook page, standard and local SEO (search engine optimization), integrated blogging, email marketing and content changes for text and media.

Affordable Quality

Your home-based or small business is usually on a tight budget. At the same time you need quality marketing services to look good and to get found by your clients and customers alike. We provide an affordable marketing solution to fit into most budgets and offer you quality services and products for a lasting impression.

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Complete Marketing

Searching to find marketing services your business needs can be time consuming and costly. We bring it all together for you by providing you with a complete marketing solution. This includes logo creation, business cards, business email, website design , matching Facebook Page, email marketing, SEO services to get found and content changes for text and photos.

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Quick TurnAround

Timing in business is everything! Getting your business from idea to services or products out to the market always needs to be urgent. We understand. Therefore, we offer a quick turnaround for all the design, print and marketing services you require to get your home, micro or small business off the ground, moving forward and running smoothly.

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As a Small Business Owner You don't need to wear ALL the hats!

New business owners starting out need reasonable design and marketing tools, branding consistency and reliable support while building a business. That's a lot of hats to wear at once! We know..we were a new business once too!

We know you can save time, pay less and have less hassles if you use a single vendor to supply all your services from design and marketing to other business services like branding, business cards, logos as well as being consistent so that your name and your company get found.

Our complete marketing package is customized for your business type but highly affordable fitting into most small business budgets. We provide a quick turnaround for all these services so you can concentrate on doing what you do best - building your business. Hats off to you!

wearing too many hats

How To Get Started - Simple as 123

  1. Complete your business information
  2. Make your 1st monthly payment securely online
  3. Complete our intake forms (logo & website)